About us


Welcome to Made Mac! We are so glad you are here! Made Mac is an online women's clothing boutique dedicated to helping women feel confident and celebrated no matter the day or duty (aka whether you're headed for a girls night out or a Tuesday filled with chasing littles). We believe a great and comfy outfit is powerful!

We are a twin sister team and we have dreamed about running a boutique together since...maybe sharing a womb? We literally built our dream boutique from the ground up via texting, facetime, and phone calls all while living a thousand miles apart, but knew we couldn't begin until we lived closer. In April of 2022 the stars aligned and our prayers were answered when we moved less than 10 mins away from each other. With the distance closed and all the plans in place, we knew it was time to launch our dream...Made Mac!

We are obsessed with helping women feel amazing no matter what! After having 4 babies between the 2 of us, we both know how challenging pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood are. We strive to curate items that are mama-friendly, so that no matter what season you are in, you can feel confident and beautiful! We hope that Made Mac brings you joy, boosts your confidence, and reminds you to celebrate every day! 


The Mac Twins

Emily is the oldest twin (by 8 whole mins). She is married to her college sweet heart and biggest fan Elliot. They have two boys together plus a crazy labradoodle, Norman. Emily spent the last 5 years working as a NICU nurse and absolutely loves mamas and babies, but decided it was time to stay home with her babies and pursue this dream. Emily loves cozy rainy days, large icey diet cokes, and going roaming the long beautiful aisles of target after her kids go to bed. 


Katie is the baby twin (only by 8 mins) and is married to her best friend Chris, who she met through her college roommate. They have a little boy and baby girl who are 14 months apart (!!!!), plus a sheepadoodle (google it they are the cutest dogs alive) named Lemon. Katie was a first grade teacher for 3 years and now works from home with her hubby! Katie loves warm chick-fil-a fries, the high of a package arriving at her front door, and 6-10 pumps of birthday cake syrup in her coffee.